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All Measurement Arms are not created equally.

FARO invented the 8-Axis ScanArm and is the only manufacturer that offers one. A recent side-by side test of scanning a car door – both with 8-Axis and without 8-Axis – resulted in a 40% time savings in the scanning process. In a true inspection or reverse engineering process, the total time savings would be even greater.

Why is FaroArm the leading Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM) for production and quality control?

For over 35 years, FARO has delivered the most trusted 3D Measurement Arm technology – allowing manufacturers to quickly collect precise 3D measurements for verification of product quality during inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering and more. So what makes FaroArm the best?

Unmatched Speed

8-Axis scanning eliminates the need to move around an object to scan it – simply rotate the platform in front of you for up to 40% faster scan completion.

Eliminate Mistakes

FaroArm is up to 37% more accurate than other arms on the market, exceeding even the most rigorous ISO accuracy standards. This Arm sets a new bar for fine detail.


Designed for operators, the FaroArm is easy to learn, set up and operate. It is highly portable, and cable-free. And the extended battery life will go the distance.

Rugged & Reliable

Extreme temperature, vibration & drop testing, plus extensive calibration.

FAROBlu® LaserLine Probe

Captures 1.2 million data points per second even on complex, dark & reflective surfaces. FARO’s most accurate laser line probe.

FARO PRIZM Full Color Scanning

Worlds first and only full 3D color laser line probe.