Features & Benefits

The Gage is a solution designed to increase efficiency and reduce measurement and inspection time for a fraction of the price of a fixed CMM.

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Increase Precision and Flexibility


The Gage has a lightweight, portable design that allows you to achieve the accuracy and precision of fixed CMMs without mobility limitations.

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Reduce Rework and Scrap


Quality assurance can be performed throughout the manufacturing process, even while a part is still on the machine, to identify issues right away.

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Improve Efficiency


The Gage simplifies the workspace and increases efficiency by minimizing the number of tools required for a single job and eliminating bottlenecks.

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What Customers Are Saying

This product rewrites the rules of inspection. It’s as quick as a micrometer, as accurate as a CMM.

UK-Based Bearings Manufacturer

We can now reduce first-off inspection time from up to 8 hours to less than 10 minutes, allowing machining time for an additional 26 cases per annum, per final operation machine.

Global Diesel Engine Manufacturer

On one job alone, we saved in excess of 40 man hours using the Gage. I would guess there have been at least five projects with similar results.

McNally Industries

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An affordable 3D measurement solution fit for small to medium businesses.

The Gage offers unmatched affordability, speed, and performance for operations requiring flexibility and a high degree of accuracy.

Watch the Webinar

Watch the FARO® Gage in Action.

The best way to determine if the Gage is a good fit for your business is by seeing it in action. Watch the 5-minute recorded demo to get a rundown on the key features, benefits, and applications.